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This is a bot for the browser game OGame. OGame is a browser-based, money-management and space-war themed massively multiplayer online browser game with over two million accounts.

This application ( is based on the lib from With this script you can loot inactive players, automatically send expeditions and send messages to attackers. The application is gradually expanded over time. It's basicly a learning project for me.



The application runs with python in the version 3.7. At first install all missing pip packages. After that you have to create the config file. The config file is placed in the root folder and ist named config.cfg. The content of the file is:

Username = NAME_OF_USER

Chat = CHAT_ID

Now are all preconditions finished. You can start the application with one line:

python3 application\



You can edit the properties in the file appliction\ The properties should be self-explanatory.



This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the file for details




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